The Role Of TTS In Enhancing Corporate Learning

Text-to-speech technology can significantly enhance your corporate training and make it instantly engaging and inclusive for your employees.

The Role Of TTS In Enhancing Corporate Learning
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Corporate learning enhances the employees’ abilities and effectiveness through educational activities. It plays a vital role in driving employee knowledge, workplace performance, and organizational success. Corporate learning helps the employees:

  • Stay updated with industry trends and standards
  • Increase work scope and provide relevant skills for future organizational roles
  • Develop soft skills like communication, leadership, adaptability to change, leadership, etc.
  • Increase employee morale and motivation
  • Drive employee retention

As essential as it is, corporate learning has a prominent drawback. It is usually text-intensive and proves challenging in engaging employees. It hampers their onboarding and training and can lead to increased attrition, subpar performance, and poor employee career development, among other unfavorable consequences.

Text to speech technology helps overcome this drawback by enhancing corporate learning in multiple ways. TTS has become integral in numerous business spheres worldwide, be it education, marketing, or improving customer experience.

Its demand is on an upward trajectory. So much so that experts are predicting its market value to reach USD 5 billion by 2026! Read ahead to discover how you can integrate TTS into your corporate learning programs and how Listnr can help you achieve this.

Enable Effective Learning

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The conversion of textual content to audio makes it easier for the employee to comprehend and retain the information contained in materials like presentation slides, onboarding guides, documents, training manuals, courses, policies, procedures, web content, and much more. As a result, you will be able to train them better and improve their performance and productivity.

Listnr offers an embeddable audio player widget for easy distribution of the audio. You can either integrate it into your websites and social pages or download it in WAV or MP3 formats.

Because of this, the employees can easily consume the material on the go and engage with it in their own time, even when they are multi-tasking and faced with strict deadlines. Thus, they are more likely to listen and stick to the learning as it becomes much more accessible, engaging, and enjoyable.

Improve Engagement

Listnr facilitates easy and quick voice generation and offers you a vast library of over 570+ different voice styles and 75+ different languages to choose from. It further allows for seamless customizability of the voice’s pronunciations, speed, style, pauses, etc.

It lets you bridge the training gaps by providing content customized to the employees’ liking. You can hence take full control over the voice creation and make the learning instantly inclusive, interesting, engaging, and impactful for your employees.

It is also immensely beneficial for non-native English speakers as they don’t have to worry about translating the content. Hence, they are more likely to follow the learning process and better engage with the content leading to better compliance.

Enhance Your Reach

With TTS,  you can reach out and cater to a wider audience across the globe with customized content making the learning memorable.

You can even provide learning to people with disabilities, such as visual impairments, reading difficulties, learning issues, etc. They can easily grasp the information by listening to the content being read aloud.

Spread Your Expertise

The expertise a corporation gains from its years of experience is one of its crucial distinguishing features. TTS can help you share this expertise with your employees just when they need it. Imparting comprehensible learning becomes easy through audio, giving employees a competitive edge.

Since audio is one of the most popular forms of consuming content today, more employees are likely to access the company's know-how. Sharing the best relevant practices for individual employee roles in an easily accessible and consumable medium can take your corporate learning effectiveness to the next level.

Employees can get the right learning at the right time and stay updated with the latest industry trends and challenges. Make your expertise a competitive advantage for your corporation.

To know more about how you can incorporate TTS to improve corporate learning, develop employee careers, and engage them in the long term, start with Listnr for free!


How do I use Google Text to Speech?

Open your device’s settings and select accessibility. Choose the option for text to speech output. Then opt for your desired language, engine, pitch, speech rate, etc. The program then synthesizes your entered text into audible speech. Besides such ease of speech generation, TTS platforms like Listnr have a vast library of unique languages and voice styles to choose from.

What is the best TTS voice?

The best TTS voice is the one that sounds more realistic as opposed to a mechanical and methodical voice and conveys a human character. Robust TTS platforms like Listnr incorporate the power of AI in them to help you easily generate a high-quality and realistic voice for your text in a matter of seconds.

Is Indian TTS free?

Indian TTS includes a free plan to create and download your voices in English and Hindi and use them for your videos, websites, presentations, etc. Listnr, a feature-rich TTS platform, allows you to create your voice in over 570+ different voice styles and 75+ different languages. Moreover, it’s free for over 500-word conversions per month and facilitates an embeddable audio player.

What is the name of Microsoft's text-to-speech application?

Microsoft’s text to speech software is Azure, which allows you to create a voice for your desired text in over 270 different neural voices across different languages. The reason why over 10,000+ users trust robust TTS platforms like Listnr is that it facilitates a vast library of over 75+ different languages and over 570+ unique voice styles for your speech generation!

Is text-to-speech effective?

Text to speech is a very effective technology that is immensely beneficial for numerous business spheres. Be it enhancing marketing and customer experience or improving content provision for publishers and educational institutions. Coupled with robust AI-powered platforms like Listnr, you can effectively leverage the vast potential of TTS and create the definitive voice for your business.