How to grow your audience with an Audio Blog

How to grow your audience with an Audio Blog

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How to grow your audience with an Audio Blog

May 5, 2021

Audio will change the way your viewers consume content.

Problems faced in a traditional blog

Most bloggers eventually face the same problem: the sea of customers steadily starts to dry up and the traffic winds down. Bloggers devote their time to making content on what they are passionate about, maybe even try to make a living out of it and create a professional network, just to see everything come to a halt at some point.

The brutal truth is that it's getting harder to move traffic because there's just so much noise. Interestingly, the way to cut through all the distortion and draw more people to your blog is by creating some serious "noise" --- converting posts to audio.

"Change is the only constant and no better time to make the shift to audio blogs"

Consumer Behavior is changing

You might have not heard, but audio is reviving and possibly enjoying a second youth. Almost all age group people use some type of audio content in different contexts and across different platforms and distribution channels. In the United States, one-third of the population listens to podcasts on a regular basis, comprising 90 million listeners each month. Two-thirds of the populace listen to online audio, spending an average of approximately 17 hours a week.


Relatively similar numbers are observed beyond the anglosphere as people around the world spend more time listening. In an attempt to enhance the user experience, bloggers are studying the everyday behavior of their loyal readers and have started experimenting with audio, concentrating on podcasts and audio content for smart speakers. Advertisers are following suit, and have started increasing their investments in digital audio.

"With both bloggers and advertisers switching to audio, it is imperative you keep up with the trend"

The Power of Audio Blogs

One would say that the simplest and most straightforward way to get the message through would be through people's ears. It's pretty simple, people do actually listen, even if the audio is playing in the background while they are involved in some other activity. People want audio, and it doesn't get more straightforward than getting inside someone's brain, doesn't it? It's hard to beat such an intimate, one-to-one source of connection.

Btw, here's a simple guide on how to Start an Audio Blog.

"Audio blogs' audience pull is enormous!"

So how is one going to be joining the audio revolution and leverage this evocative medium?

Well for starters, It really doesn't take a lot to convert an article to audio. While the technology used to be very costly, technically difficult, and slow, the whole process of translating text into life-like speech takes just a few minutes. Now through Voices by Listnr you can easily convert your text into audio in the most user-friendly way and get an option to choose from 50 different voices in more than 70 different languages.

Audio friendly Blogs will soon become the norm

All of them combined, these factors make it reasonably easy and painless to attract and engage viewers with audio material. In other words, adding it to your blog means addressing the changing needs of an increasing community of listeners.

But don't just take someone's word for it. As a matter of fact, Google is delving deeper into the audio realm, by incorporating playable podcasts directly to the search results based on the company's interpretation of what is being talked about on a podcast. There's more, evidently, users won't need to use search for a particular podcast or even use the word 'podcast' to see episodes in the search results, but rather have them displayed as any other content when a topic is searched for.

"The future belongs to audio blogs, It's time for bloggers to put the pedal to the metal"

Wrapping Up

Other than being an easy-to-interact channel, audio unlocks a whole new level of opportunities for bloggers, especially one without any audio legacy, to easily attract and relate to new audiences. In particular, the numerous forms of audio and the plethora of ways to access it creates new opportunities to better understand and monetize them. Audio has an acute sense of familiarity, making it almost addictive in terms of content consumption.

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